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Color Setting Of Your Interface

If you don't like the dark background, you can color the software as you like. Fox example:

example of the custom color system of Packmage CAD

Specific Instruction

I must say the color setting depending on your account is saved in info.xml on your computer. If you change your work computer, you'd better copy info.xml to your new computer, otherwise you have to define the color again.

The file is here:installation folder of Packmage CAD/content/cfg/. Fox example, D:\Program Files (x86)\Packmage 3.0\Content\Cfg.


Window of Parametric Design Help > Color
Window of Parametric Design
Window of 2D Drawing Setting > Color
Window of 2D Drawing
Texture Window Color button.Window of Texture
3D Window Changing the background is here. 3D Window