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Materials Management

1. UI(User Interface) of materials management

Click on the button after "Paper" to open the control panel of materials management.

UI of materials management

Materials from system are read-only. By clicking "My Material", then "Add" or "Edit" , we can add or edit materials according as we need them.

2. Customize Materials

Click on the button labelled "Add" below the window to open the control panel of add material:

Materials Management - Add material

what do in-Lose and out-Gain stand for, for reference: in-Lose and out-Gain.

Caliper of board should be the sum of in-Lose and out-Gain.

Unit price stands for the cost per square meter, reserve field, useless for now.

3. Classify Materials

The new material will be classed to "My Material" automatically.

Click on the button labelled "Add level" below the window to open the control panel of groups management.

Materials Management - Classify Materials
  • Region①, Level Name
  • Region②, List all materials, we can select multiple materials by holding Control key down.
  • Region③, Click on the button labelled "-->", classify the selected materials to current group(copy from Region③ to Region④).
  • Region④, Click on the button labelled "<--", delete the selected materials from current group(delete from Region④).
  • Region⑤, Click Delete to delete current group(the materials which is membered to this group wont be deleted)

4. Which materials shown on the drop down list

If we have added a new material, it doesn't mean that the material can be selected from the paper options in design panel.

In practice, the paper drop down shows the materials belong to current level only, which is set in the control panel of Material by selecting the one from level list and clicking ok.