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Notice of changes to the Packmage Business Automation box-type knife-line download function: In order to provide better service, at the request of most of the access providers, from September 15, 2019, all customers box-type knife download function to make the following adjustments: customers who have paid for the order can download the knife mold directly free of charge; Must contact the contact provider customer service, follow-up work by customer service to complete docking.

Authorization: Packmage CAD

Packmage CAD Authorization
Program type
Quantity 1 set
Valid one year
Price US$1,180
Payment method Paypal or Bank Transfer
Notice If you have any questions, please contact your online customer service during your working hours, or send your email to service@packmage.com

Authorization detail

Bank Transfer

Beneficiary Bank Name: HSBC Hong Kong

Account Name: Packmage Technology Co., Limited


Account Number: 023-183460-838

Please contact service@packmage.com after your bank transfer.

Activation method

After your payment, re-login Packmage CAD -> open box library, you will see a authorization buttom on the left corner:

Click that buttom to finish the activation.

License Overlay Rule

1, The packaging magician all the licenses of the use of time, from the start of the purchase of the calculation.

2, Allow overlapping licenses of the box type, the remaining available time must be less than 7 days.

3, License is allowed to overlay the available time of the current cartridge only if the REMAINING AVAILABLE DURATION of the license is more than 1 days longer than the remaining available time of the current cartridge type.

4, To meet the rights superposition rules, licenses will be allowed to stack, the current box-type available time will increase the overlap of the full time of the licenses.

Note: The REMAINING AVAILABLE DURATION of the license is the time that the license was purchased plus the total time of the license:

Example: July 18, 2018 00:00 purchase a 'Yearly license for One Template' license, then the REMAINING AVAILABLE DURATION of this license is July 18, 2019 00:00, equivalent to the purchase date plus 365 days.