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Notice of changes to the Packmage Business Automation box-type knife-line download function: In order to provide better service, at the request of most of the access providers, from September 15, 2019, all customers box-type knife download function to make the following adjustments: customers who have paid for the order can download the knife mold directly free of charge; Must contact the contact provider customer service, follow-up work by customer service to complete docking.

Packmage CAD

*Installing packages

  • for Windows only
  • supports DirectX 10 or above
Free Download If your computer doesn't have a D-disk, please try HEAR to download the installation package.

*Update package

  • If there is a problem with your version when you update automatically, install this update package manually.
  • Version:  8/16/2019 9:54:14 AM

*Free Policy

  1. 1. There is no term limit for trials.
  2. 2. Some box types can be used without restriction.
  3. 3. Some box types can be used in all functional sections, but the export of files is not allowed.
  1. Box type Kutu Example:
  2. Purchased licensed or completely free box type
  3. Limited Use of box type (can be tuned, see 3D, but not allowed to export files)