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Fragmented order era business model
Profit chats of small order


1. Capture the design and proofing of the source to capture customers

2. Reduce communication costs to increase profits

3. Fragmented order is not a temporary economic slowdown, but a long-term trend.

4. During the E-commerce era, no one knows which goods will be most popular, when customer need large quantities in short time, they will no doubt go to the first one who do the proof before.

Confusion of samll order packaging market

The large quantity of small orders troubles both supply and requistioning parties all the time.

For the printing press, if they do, with all the costs removed,no profit to be obtained.

If not do, they worry about loss the opportunity

For customre, they know little about printing and packagiing knowledge, always want to know more, which makes the communication cost to high.

Opportunity of small order packaging market
  • One

    Opportunity one is combined printing

    Combined printing based on large quantity of order,the key point is how to get the order with lowest cost

    Huge-crowd strategy obvious not work, advanced technology tools is the right way out.

  • Two

    Opportunity two is a large order comes from the proofing and small quantity order.


Without considering combined printing, the cost of production is rigid, and the variable is mainly the cost of marketing,design, quotation, document processing and so on.

If users can help themselves with DIY design,self-help quotes, orders and payment to you, your orders will naturally increase substantially, and the cost of orders will be greatly reduced.

That's what Packmage Business Automation do.

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