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Notice of changes to the Packmage Business Automation box-type knife-line download function: In order to provide better service, at the request of most of the access providers, from September 15, 2019, all customers box-type knife download function to make the following adjustments: customers who have paid for the order can download the knife mold directly free of charge; Must contact the contact provider customer service, follow-up work by customer service to complete docking.

3D virtual proofing

Realize 2D to 3D

Turn constructure and graphic design 2D to 3D that can be viewed at any angle.

This mordel is very important for designers,they can check the detail reasonable or not.

Meanwhile users can see the final 3D renderings.

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Characteristic of 3D virtual proofing

Whether the structural engineer or designer, working in the 3D environment can greatly strengthen the intuitive design, designers can rely on 3D view to correct their mistakes, absorb the views of others before proof process.

  • HD 3D view

    Can output maximum 4096px * 4096px picture file.

  • Perfect simulation package folding process

    It's important for engineer turn imagine into picture,no matter for checking by any angle or each folding step or communicating with customer.

  • Supply skeleton model

    This is the key to checking the correctness of the design of the structure and showing the internal view. Providing skeleton diagrams is very important to the structural designer, and it can check the reasonableness of the details. In some cases, it is even more effective than physical proofing (its perspective and arbitrary magnification make it easy.)

  • Easy to operate, fast calculation speed

    Even tens of megabytes of design drafts are renderend in milliseconds in the 3D view, without visual pauses.