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Packmage Business Automation

Packmage Business Automation

Packmage Business Automation

For you to build a cloud packaging system: Structural design, 3D virtual proofing, pricing, receiving orders can be completed online (website and WeChat), higher customer service efficiency and quality, more business may

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Online structure design, instantly get 3D white sample

Online 3D Virtual Proofing

Customers can self-service 3D virtual proofing, but also can share virtual proofing so that easy to communicate, which will greatly improve the quality of communication.

Online self-service pricing

*This is an optional feature

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Customers can also be self-service to order Oh!

*This is an optional feature

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Your customers, your resources, your website

  • Customers' information all yours

  • Money goes direct to your pocket

  • You can make individual customizations to user interface

Rich API Interface

We provide user and order interfaces for enterprise consolidation resources that already have an online billing system

Combination authorization, there's always a version that can help you.

A total of four versions help businesses in different situations gain value. The system is running in the cloud and you don't have any IT construction costs

  • 3D Showcase
    Showcase cases in 3D form on your website and WeChat public number.
  • Design Plate
    Your internal staff or authorized customers can have online structural design and 3D virtual proofing.
  • Pricing Plate
    Internal staff or authorized customers can quickly self-service pricing.
  • Trading Plate
    Your customers can pay online, which is especially suitable for proofing or small batch orders.
  • API
    Customized according to demand

Multi-platform compatibility

The system can be installed on your WeChat public number, allowing you to connect deeply with your customers

Business Assistant Collaboration Process

  • Choosing a Solution

    Customers choose the right solution for themselves
    according to their needs and current situation
  • Purchase authorization

    Purchase the authorization
    for the 'solution'
  • System settings

    Professional after-sales staff to guide you
    through the background system configuration
  • Officially on the line

    The company will maintain the stability of the system
    and service for a long time