Packmage CAD

Specially designed for packaging design, free to use, through the parameter adjustment, automatically produce design results, the use of 3D instant proofing, so that designers in time to make judgments and modify the design of automated CAD design tools.

Version:packmage 3.0

Adaptive system:XP/vista/win7/win8/win10

Hardware recommendation

System: Windows 64 bit system
Video card: supports DirectX 10/Shader Model 4.0 above the level of independent graphics card
Memory: 4G or more memory

Note: If your computer does not have a D disk, try this package.

And do not install in C disk(the system Disk), please.

Software Details

Rich box style library

More than 800 box styles

you can choose by unfolded-drawing,3D folding graph,die-cut

It's useful for beginner of box structure designer or graphic designer to choose the box by unfolded-drawing or 3D folding graph

Provid box description & quick search

Each box style has it's description,like purpose(such as kit,win box),like production characteristics(such as self-lock box),so you can easy to search

If you have questions or suggestions about the details of the box type during the use, please contact Customer service promptly, we will provide some free necessary details to modify.

View box

Structural parametric design

Such as the picture bellow,you can input the parameters step-by-step

If you are structure professional,it can heighten the work efficiency greatly and save your time to be master--not only a draftsman

Get the right die-cut and download for packaging design.

Free CAD drawing tools

Designed for the structural design of packaging boxes,the box strucure diagram can be quickly drawn

More important,we develop this 2D-to-3D module to help you do it more smoothly,with lower cost,in shorter time.

Packmage CAD Help Video


Strengthen the visual design,designer can modify the error by check 3D virtual proofing before proofing.

Characteristic 1.HD 3D view

The reaction speed and clarity are better than those of foreign counterparts

Output maximum 4096px*4096px image file

Characteristic 2.Perfect simulation package folding process

View the folding process in any angle,any step.It's very important for designer to make the imagine to be a picture,and communicate design to end customer.

Characteristic 3.provide the skeleton drawing model

This is the key to checking the correctness of the structural design and showing the interior view.

Under the skeleton drawing model,the rationality of the details can be checked.

Characteristic 4.Easy to operate,fast calculation speed

Even tens of megabytes of design drafts are renderend in milliseconds in the 3D view,without visual pauses.