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Packaging visual design ideas

2021-11-03 17:36:22

Commodity packaging is a combination of art and science. While designing it visually, we should also pay attention to its scientificity, so visualization is also a reflection of its scientificity. How to combine packaging materials with modeling structure, how to facilitate use, and how to quickly and accurately convey commodity information need to be carried out step by step and planned, and need certain methods.


At the beginning of commodity packaging design, planning and creativity should be carried out first. The designer's mind needs to go through a period of hard and intense preparation, brewing and thinking. This process is an expectation of the whole packaging design intention.


After accepting the packaging design task, we should first understand the properties and performance characteristics of the packaged goods, whether they are liquid or solid, fragile or non fragile; Understand the meaning of commodity brand and commodity production process; Understand the purpose of goods; Understand the market audience, etc.

Carry out comprehensive planning for the packaging, from the specification and size of the form, the shape of the form, to the materials, colors, graphics and words, which should be suitable for the attributes and uses of the goods. The creative method of commodity packaging can be started from the following aspects:

1. Thinking from the attributes and functions of goods refers to what the product in the package is and what functional characteristics it has.

2. From the perspective of commodity brand, brand is not only the name of commodity, but also the ideal moral and symbol of commodity. The visual treatment of moral and symbol can be applied to commodity packaging design.

3. Considering from the raw materials of commodities, some commodities have no original appearance of raw materials after processing. Reflect the raw materials and give consumers a real feeling, so as to facilitate the recognition of commodities.

4. Thinking from the origin of goods can make the packaging style with regional characteristics.

5. Think from the signs of goods and emphasize the awareness of brand image.

6. Think from the performance characteristics of goods, emphasize the reliability of performance and show it in packaging.

7. Think from the appearance characteristics of goods and show the appearance feeling of goods.

8. Think from the purpose of the commodity, and convey the purpose, use method and use environment of the commodity.

9. Think from the object of use of goods to reflect the temperament and personality of the object of use.

10. Think from the color of the commodity, let people think of the unique color of the commodity as soon as they see the color of the packaging.

11. Think from words and convey commodity information with the typesetting of words, with a strong sense of rhythm.

12. Thinking from graphics, you can use concrete graphics or abstract decorative graphics. Concrete graphics give people a sense of reality and abstract graphics give people a sense of modernity and science and technology.


Composition is the constituent relationship of the design object and the concretization of the creative image. In packaging design, there are many elements to convey, such as commodity name, brand name, brand, trademark, graphics, text description and address. How to arrange them orderly also needs to have visual beauty, which needs to be realized through composition, so as to achieve prominent themes, clear priorities and rich levels, which is conducive to conveying commodity information and promoting sales. The basic principles of packaging composition are symmetry and balance, contrast and harmony.

The composition of packaging design needs to be considered as a whole from six aspects and three dimensions, which can be divided into primary and secondary, and can not be comprehensive. Generally, a main display surface is selected. The specific selection needs to be determined according to the creativity, which may be on the side or on the packaging cover; It may be one face or four faces.

The composition elements can produce a sense of rhythm only when they are large or small, and can produce a sense of rhythm only when they are sparse or dense, which are closely related to the attribute characteristics and creative style of goods. We should give full play to the role of line and surface segmentation in packaging design vision. Line and surface segmentation is to use parallel lines, vertical lines, vertical lines and horizontal lines, oblique lines, broken lines and arcs to segment in the packaging composition, so as to form blocks of various shapes and sizes, make people have different visual feelings and give new visual connotation to the packaging.


With creativity and composition, what needs to be considered is how to express it.

1. Realistic expression, using photography, painting and computer production to imitate objective images, giving people a real feeling.

2. Abstract means of expression, directly express the image of goods, and use the composition principle of point, line and surface to express the nature or functional characteristics of goods.

3. Exaggeration and comics give people a sense of humor and lightness.

4. The expression method of word combination, using the arrangement of words to form a rhythmic and rhythmic picture, gives people a sense of reason and sexuality.