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What is good packaging? Real smart sellers will choose to find a balance here

2021-10-27 10:39:39

    Most sellers stand in the position of the business, the first thing they can think of is that the packing is tight, the violent express delivery will not be damaged in the middle of the way, and the safe arrival in the hands of customers is a good packaging. However, this position of business ignored a very important point for the buyer: the trouble of dismantling express delivery after arrival. To a certain extent, some books that are too tight and tight are sent to the buyer's hand, and the mentality of dismantling the express without damaging the books will make the customers take a long time. As a result, they will not be tired of taking the trouble. The good and undamaged packages are not well received by customers.


    However, it seems that if the package is easy to be disassembled, it is easy to be damaged. If the package does not want to be damaged, it must not be easy to dismantle. In fact, the real smart sellers will choose to find a balance here. As a person who buys and sells books at the same time, I feel deeply about this. Because of the particularity of the book package, the direct use of scissors is afraid of damaging the book, and tearing it directly by hand is also afraid of deforming the book. As a customer, I don't like the way that the seller is close to the book body, with newspapers or wrapped with layers of adhesive tape. After I open the newspaper, there will be a lot of scraps and scraps left under the ground. If there are too many books in the tape layer, the customers will be upset and collapse.

    Some sellers like to fix books with paper shell, which is often used by some professional sellers. For many book sellers, it's a good way to use some cheap special packing tools on Taobao. This includes the appropriate size of the foam bag, in the foam bag added to protect the body of the book foam film. The reason why this method has been tried repeatedly is that it can not only minimize the damage to books during transportation, but also is relatively simple and fast for the dismantling party. Even from the perspective of many sellers, it can reduce the cost of hoarding newspapers, waste paper, small paper shells and wrapping adhesive tape from the left to the right, which seems to save money, but in fact it greatly increases the time cost.

   In order to achieve the best balance between parcel delivery and express delivery, the seller should really pay more consideration. And the key point of this thinking is: on the basis of eliminating the violence of express delivery to the greatest extent, let customers dismantle as easily as possible, and leave a small "space gap" for customers to unpack on the package.

    With this concept, regardless of the form of self-awareness, you will gain intimate customer reputation.