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What details should be paid attention to when printing customized product packaging color box?

2021-10-27 10:30:21

The performance of the packaged product mainly includes the physical state, shape, strength, weight, structure, value and risk of the product. This is the first problem that should be considered when printing the color box of product packaging.

1. Product state. There are mainly solid, liquid, gas, mixed and so on. Different state of matter, the product packaging color box is also different.

2. Product shape. The product packaging color box should be designed according to the shape characteristics of the product. The product packaging color box should be small in size, well fixed, stable in storage, and meet the requirements of standardization.

3. Product strength. For the products with low strength and easy to be damaged, the protective performance of the packaging should be fully considered. There should be obvious marks on the outside of the color box of the product packaging. 4. Product weight. For heavy products, special attention should be paid to the strength of the product packaging color box to ensure that it will not be damaged in circulation.

5. Product structure. Different products often have different structures, some are not pressure resistant, some are afraid of impact. Only when we fully understand the product structure can we choose the right color box for different products.


6. Product value. Different products have different values, so we should pay more attention to those with high value.


7. Product hazard. For inflammable, explosive, toxic and other dangerous products, it is necessary to ensure safety, and there should be precautions and specific marks on the outside of the product packaging color box.


2、 Impact of environment on products


In the process of circulation, the products will encounter different environments, which will have different effects on the color box of product packaging, so corresponding measures should be taken.


1. Meteorological conditions. There are mainly sunlight, temperature, humidity, rain, snow and air, etc. the influence of product packaging color box on different products is also different, which needs to be considered separately according to different meteorological conditions.


2. Loading and unloading conditions. It should be considered whether the loading and unloading is manual or mechanical, as well as the loading and unloading times.


3. Transportation conditions. In the process of transportation, products will be affected by impact and vibration, and different means of transport have different effects on product packaging color box. The fixation and buffering of products should be considered.


4. Storage conditions. Storage multi-purpose stacking, product packaging color box should be inspected its compressive strength. In addition, the storage is also divided into indoor storage and outdoor storage, the former should pay attention to moisture-proof, mildew proof, waterproof, etc; The latter should pay attention to prevent rain, snow, sunshine, wind, etc.


3、 Selection of packaging methods


The choice of packaging method is very important for product protection. Only by fully understanding the product performance and circulation conditions, formulating several schemes and conducting economic evaluation, can we find the appropriate packaging method.


1. Choose the color box material for product packaging. According to the performance of the product, choose the appropriate packaging color box material to make the product packaging color box, and select the appropriate accessory product packaging color box material to package the product.


2. Choose the packaging method. According to the requirements of product protection strength, easy to use, easy to mechanical loading and unloading and transportation, appropriate packaging technology and packaging method are selected.