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The box is the best salesman for our products

2021-10-21 18:03:23

More and more people complain that business is becoming more and more difficult. The reason why business is difficult is that there are too many competing goods of the same type, quality and style. In a homogeneous product stack, there is no difference between what customers buy and what they don't buy. In the next few years, the life of enterprises will be more and more difficult.

The competition in the market is like this: enterprises that do not innovate have to die.

You must remember the story: two friends met a lion in the forest, and one of them immediately bent down to tie his shoes. Can you run better than a lion

For China's small and medium-sized enterprises, it is too luxurious and unrealistic to talk about technological innovation now. In fact, we can make us one step ahead of our competitors through micro innovation.

More than ten years ago, working in a Japanese enterprise, some Japanese customers often brought some small gifts when they visited us, most of them were biscuits, candy and so on. I often don't want to eat, put it in my pocket and take it to my girlfriend after work. Japan's food packaging is really too beautiful, in addition to the outer box, each small biscuit is packed separately, and there are two layers inside and outside. At that time, most of the domestic food packaging was very simple. Although I don't have any special taste, I'm sure it's better than the pile of biscuits we buy in the market.

In fact, just like we can't judge a person's good or bad, we often judge people by their appearance. We can not judge whether the quality of the goods we want to buy is reliable. Customers often evaluate the quality of the products through the color box of the external packaging. Especially when the brand awareness is not high, product packaging is particularly important.

The material of the package is like the material of a suit. You can see if it is genuine. The unique packaging structure actually implies to consumers that the products are different, just as many lovers in love often flatter their loved ones by making surprise. The color box design represents the aesthetic standard of the enterprise; Exquisite printing and fine production of packaging leaked the manufacturer's quality awareness. These details that many enterprises don't care about often can't escape the eyes of consumers, which determines whether the goods will be bought from the shelves.

The box is the best salesman for our products. Good packaging box, customers will be attracted at a glance; It seems to be quietly seducing consumers, "Come and take me home!"

It is not very difficult for us to innovate the design and printing of packaging boxes; If we haven't learned how to make revolutionary innovation of products, why not start with the innovation of packaging?