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Creative design of handbag

2021-11-22 14:34:32

Paper handbag is a very good advertising carrier. I'm used to seeing the same bags on the street. Seeing this design, I can't help brightening my eyes.

There are so many different structures of paper bags.

Paper bags of different shapes are collected here, including triangles, rectangles, squares, trapezoids and diamonds.


Substructure and lifting rope.

According to the way of bottom structure, the handbag is divided into envelope bag, corner support bag, hexagonal bottom bag and square bottom bag. The square bottom bag also has a splayed bottom, a split bottom and an inner mouth bottom.

Splayed bottom is our most common handbag. There are too many papers stacked in the way of folding at the bottom. The creases are thick and squeeze each other. The appearance is not as good as the split bottom; Split bottom and splayed bottom have common disadvantages: the bottom is folded and turned out, and there are creases on the bag surface. Buckle the bottom inside. When folding, fold the bottom inside, and there is no crease on the bag surface.