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International standard box data

2021-10-21 17:47:29

We usually say that double plug-in box, airplane box and heaven and earth box are popular expressions, but they are not accurate box descriptions. According to the international corrugated box standard approved by the International Corrugated Board Association, the type of corrugated box is described by the number number. We also use the same number when making the card box.

1、 01 box type refers to corrugated board.

0100 stands for single side corrugated paper, which is what we call pit paper.

0110 stands for double-sided corrugated board.


2、 02 box type is the most common.

It is formed by a piece of cardboard beer. Generally, the seal is nailed or glued, and the upper and lower swing covers can be sealed into cartons. We often say that the flat mouth box, double plug box, top cover and bottom button, hand box are all type 02.

0201 box is what we often call flat mouth box. In FEFCO's box type library, 0201 has five kinds of box types, with slight differences.


0202 to 0210 box type we usually use less, do not make introduction.

0211 Box type It is the box type of double plug-in box, which we often call the double plug-in box, which is the front plug of the top swing cover and the back plug of the bottom swing cover.


0215 The box type is what we often call the upper cover and the lower buckle. It is the top swing cover with front tongue, and the bottom with lock plug.


0217 box type is what we often say with its own handle box. It is a structure with handle at the top and a lock at the bottom.


3、 03 box, we often say heaven and earth box.

03 box type cover and bottom are separate sets of boxes, commonly known as heaven and earth box.The cover can partly or completely cover the bottom box;It is suitable for large products which are not easy to load and unload from the top and products with high stacking strength.03 box type has a lot of complex structure, not commonly used, here are a few commonly used box type.

0301 box type cover short side slot, bottom box long side slot, called fully fitted type


0303 long side plate has two 45 ° indentation, which can be folded after forming to reduce storage and transportation costs.


The 0308 box is similar to 0303, and the folded indentation is on the four corners, which is not illustrated here.

0310 box type consists of cover, body and bottom.Gift boxes do the same.


4、 04 box type, is a disc structure, the indentation between the box bottom plate and the box side plate can be folded, and can be molded without nailing or gluing; It can also design lock lock, display window, handle or display frame structure, which can see the goods in the box, and is widely used in commodity display box. There are 58 kinds of 04 box type. The following are some common ones.

0406 box type, the common tissue box is this box type.


0422-f box type, is a small display box.


0425 box type, common disc structure.


0427 box is commonly known as "airplane box".


5、 05 box type, by one or several pieces of corrugated paper, different jacket and inner box cover composition, some box type similar to drawer box. It is not often used, and there is no illustration here.

6、 Type 06 is a reinforced carton, which is composed of more than two separate end plates and the box connecting them. Before use, they need to be connected with glue or iron nails. Because of the time-consuming, it is not common.

7、 07 box type, including pre glued automatic back sealing type and self-locking flat bottom four corner plate structure, single piece paperboard, box blank into flat shape, saving logistics costs. There are 23 box types in 07 series.

8、 There are 10 kinds of inner plate or tube structure in 08 box type, all of which are relatively simple lining. No examples are listed here.

9、 09 box type, all accessories for internal partition or buffer.