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How to do medicine packaging rightly?

2021-11-29 17:24:48

 1, Pharmaceutical packaging must follow the national related policy laws

   Medicine packaging design is directly related to drugs and packaging materials whether they can be inter-miscibility, as well as in drug storage period, packaging material impact on drug stability. Drug package as an integral part has obvious as to in front of the new drugs declaration at the same time, it is necessary to put forward the packing of the drugs. form, inter-miscibility of trials of drugs and packaging material, material quality standards. Materials suppliers license etc. For example, the livelihood of the people all drug production company has a product packaging files, including: packaging, the quality standard of used packaging materials , inspection procedures (SOP), packaging material supplier files.

2,The conceptual change of pharmaceutical packaging image design

  Drugs packaging design should follow the pharmaceutical administration law and related policy at the same time, how to reflect the corporate image, improve its appearance design grade, obtain consumer psychological recognition ability? Dual attribute as drug and merchandise should consider the problem. The previous drug packaging design form is single, simple design frame, similar drugs in addition to the text, only change the color to make the difference, plus the name is not marked, it is easy to confuse. These compared with imported and joint venture pharmaceutical packaging , or in consideration for consumers are dwarfed by. Advanced packaging for the elderly and children's medication safety design, such as safety cover. For oral liquid is equipped with accurate measurement and easy to use the measuring cup; And prominent reminder " put drugs where children can not touch" and so on.

   All these bring patients medication safety information at the same time, also has the effectiveness of psychological recognition. Consumers see somebody else's strengths, find their own shortcomings, pharmaceutical companies in the design of new products, old products packaging change, shall solicit the market, and Marketing Department opinion, conditional can do image design please advertising planning company. Hangzhou reputation company recently a kind of skin mucous membrane anticorrosive disinfectant on the appearance design is completely abandoned the old design idea of consistent, extremely rich new generation of sensory information, bottles improved the mouth size which produces liquid, when using controllable make dosage away from the fingers.

3, How to do OTC packing
OTC drug packaging design should set the scientific guidance to improve sales efficiency as the objective. On this basis, from drug dosage, drug use, drug use and other aspects of demand, should be convenient for the consumer, medication safety consideration, design and improve the packaging, improve enterprise and product brand image, to add additional requirements. In order to better improve enterprises, Chinese companies have been going on with a flagship brand covers the series of products of enterprises related to work.

4, Drugs packaging design problems and suggestions

   At present, most of the pharmaceuticals listed in the OTC directory belong to after long-term clinical use, proved safe and effective, and small side effects of old varieties, such drugs according to the current rules and regulations shall not apply for "brand name".

  Without doctors prescription, OTC drugs in pharmacies, pharmacy counter can be purchased directly. Patients to buy which one, which brand or manufacturer production of drugs, mainly depends on five factors: advertising, curative effect, price, packing and decoration. OTC products are old products of the companies, only drug name, is for a prospective for others, is not conducive to establish brand image, so the drug name and commodity name must be propaganda to the public together. Whether can be suggested that the state department of pharmaceutical administration at the appropriate time, open OTC drug trade name.

5, How to achieve communication in medicine packaging design
Spread from the integration of the modern marketing concept, drug packaging has not only the problem of product strategy, it has become an irreplaceable media promotion. Consumers interested in the product, largely depend on a wide range of mass media permeate, but can contribute to the final purchase, also look at the key finishing. Packaging to communicate with consumers as the last pass, has a pivotal role. Enterprise needs to through the connotation of the carrier to convey the product packaging, also have to finish the last step by packaging and consumer communication.

So how do we better communication in pharmaceutical packaging?

  (1) Drug packaging whether human is the key.

  Interactive personalized marketing gradually become the mainstream of marketing mode, personalized consumption of drugs packaging design was put forward higher requirements. Product competition, the packing of the product also has the phenomenon of "same". Consumers focus on pharmaceutical packaging is not a picture, not fancy, but whether the packaging reflects the respect for people's feelings, whether has the affinity, whether in the design reflect the target group grade and way of life. The feast for the eyes and have high grade packaging, natural popular. From this perspective, pharmaceutical packaging actually bear the responsibilities of psychotherapy, it will soothe patients psychological pressure, the effect of illness going away. This requires the designers deep into life, pay attention to human nature when design packaging .

 (2) Drugs packaging design requires comprehensive analysis of the packaging as the characteristics of the media.

   Drug packaging information, To make full use of strong durability, strong expressive force, high reliability, etc. . But the packaging itself also has many disadvantages, such as poor flexibility, less information, slow velocity and so on. So in the process of medicine packaging design should consider flexible, clever. On the packaging of certain people to do the last step of communication, we must consider these characteristics which distinguish with other media, to explore more as a media of communication.

(3) Through drugs packaging design to express corporate image, to complete a deeper sense of the communication.

   In fact, the competition between enterprises has changed to the competition the overall image of enterprises, the import the inevitable requirement of CI corporate image can be expressed by means of packaging design. As a unique identification code, packaging can do this. Examples are many on both sides of. Pharmaceutical packaging is the packaging of OTC drugs in the past, clearly showing the shortfalls. This gradually the counter in the drug today, in the form of many OTC drugs appear too old has become an obstacle to the communication with consumers. Should draw lessons from some more new style, for example, in a transparent plastic bag printed on the enterprise's brand logo.

   In fact, the packaging design through the enterprise image, is not only beneficial to the spread of corporate image, but also to reduce the burden of enterprises in advertising, and, more importantly, strengthened the consumers and its brand recognition to the society, so as to realize the deep communication.

   (4) Pharmaceutical packaging in order to achieve a wider range of communication, have the ability to global recognition, its national style can not be ignored.

   With the speeding up of the integration of international trade, it requires that the packaging design should as far as possible to reach international level, has the ability of global recognition. However, packaging design can't to globalize, any packaging design has not cut off traditional culture background. "only the nation is the world", the package is the only local color to be different, only rich visual impact on ark is strong. The packaging how to embody national style, theory and practice has a different view, but as long as to understand the fundamental purpose is to communicate better and more consumers, in the process of packaging design will not lose the direction.

A lot of views about drugs packaging design, here only from the perspective of the design techniques. Whether accurately and clearly spread the product information? Is in line with the consumer psychology? Coordinate with corporate image? Whether have the ability to global recognition? This is an issue worth every enterprise managers to think, is the so-called nothing down, nothing up. Changes in the market, changes in the concept, but no matter how, the ultimate goal remains the same - to make our products sell well, let our packing have the effect of sales promotion.