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Nine Innovation Concept of Packaging Design

2021-12-10 15:14:58


  The 20th century, the famous thinker--- Peter ZhuangKe thinks that business has two functions - marketing and innovation. In this paper, it is the fusion of these two kinds of concepts. Essentially, packaging is a marketing tool, is the final marketing information your customer can see before buying your product. If your products in retail stores, then packaging design will be a major factor of success.

  Now want to make your product stand out in the hundreds of or thousands of similar products, you will have to design it different. Look at what your competitors are doing, and at the same time ensure that your unique design. New packing will give your product eye-catching, help you shape the brand, make products humanize. Whether you like it or not, people often first through packaging to judge strengths and weaknesses of your product.

  So, how can not let your packaging design enter the mold? You can spend thousands of dollars to get some ideas from packaging design company, or you can think about it. Here are ten ideas can stimulate your thinking, help you come up with creative packagings.

1. Design reusable packaging

   Small beverage market has matured, the competition is fierce. If you think there has no new ideas, that you're wrong. POM Tea Company launched a special packaging. The product itself is very special - add pomegranate juice tea. Packing is more worth mentioning: drink comes in a commonly used in the elongated glass, the above is the lid and heat shrinkable label, write: remove the label, and leave the bottle. About $2.79 a bottle of this product, for bottled tea is not expensive, but you can get a free glass bottle, need not worry about the problem of recycling.

2. Add a little modification in the packing

   Sometimes you packing is very standardized, and add some small modification can make it different. AMY 'S KITCHEN company on its pasta sauce production line to make such changes. Sauce packaging with a standard size of the jar, is also a standard color label. And make it distinguish from a lot of products is its cover and paper cans of a golden ring. That looks like emerald packaged into, so when you walk through shelves, you can’t help paying attention to it all.

3. Put packaging design in the first place

  Many people think that should put the product in the first place, the packing in the second place. But the METHOD opposite PRODUCTS company. Them from the start, concentrate on the design of the packaging - they want to design a beautiful packaging, you don't have to hide it modesty. They designed a series of high quality cleaning supplies and packaging, can put in the kitchen, as decoration or in the bathroom. These products in the supermarket is very conspicuous.

4. Interesting packaging design

   Interesting packaging is not just the patent of children, adults also like interesting things. Occupy the mainstream of children's products packaging design style, such as bright color, different shapes, can be also used in adult product packaging design, only more delicate. First into the "interest" on packaging design elements of the industry is wine-making. As long as you take time to shop the local shop, you can find many bottles with a label of a horse, penguins, kangaroo, frogs, swans and so on. Don't have to prepare a penguin shape bottle, as long as the printing of a penguin is enough to make it compelling.

5. Give product color

   CANDLE-LITE Co., LTD. is the candle industry giant, has 160 candles made history. Their packaging is not strange, with only the transparent bottle, but the color is amazing. They use the layers of the candle with bright colors, and make the color shine out through the transparent glass bottle. On the surface of the bottle label on the back is white, so it highlights the color of the candle in the bottle. So the candles in the supermarket shelves, they can easily distinguish with other similar products.

6. Duplex printing -- -- extend your tag

   If your product is transparent liquid, in a transparent bottle, so there is a way to give you more space for packaging design, and the cost is low. I mean some content can be printed on the back of the label. And, of course, the conventional information cannot be on the back, but you can print some debate, for example, the story about the company, or better advice to use the product, etc. This is a very simple method and can give your customers more information but does not destroy the image of the packaging.

7. Try and use metal appearance

   Many labels printed on white or transparent materials, but you also have many other options. One solution is to consider using metal foil as a label, or packaging. If well designed, metal far more good-looking than the white, and is not expensive.

8. Based on the characteristics of the customer, and then design packaging

   Unilever AXE series products have a very clear positioning, young people aged between 18 to 35 years old. So their packaging design focus to attract these people. AXE SHOWER GEL bottles are thick, black plastic molding container, rugged appearance, are very popular among these young people.

9. The fusion of two kinds packaging design

   Another competitive industry is brewing beer, big companies trying to advantage in the competition. Last year ,ANHEUSER BUSCH came up with a new concept of packaging, and accidentally received a number of packaging design awards. This concept is very simple, it is strange that no one thought. We all know that beer packing in glass bottles, or packed in aluminum cans, BUSCH's idea is to combine these two concepts together, new packaging, aluminum bottles were to come out. It is very special, very beautiful, and it is 100% recyclable.