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Packaging --- the Best Marketing Tool for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

2021-12-10 15:16:43


  Are you in the old time of "good wine can be smelt from thousands of miles away" ?

   The answer to the vast majority of entrepreneurs, probably is negative. The importance of marketing for Chinese enterprises had already been accepted, more and more marketing methods known by people, and spent much cost to put into widespread application, enterprise marketing is becoming big and full-round.

   Then, you want to stay this big and full-round marketing world?

   Large advertising, celebrity marketing activities, large-scale name events... These make big companies do money-costing marketing means, its huge input and output contrast, tend to make small and medium-sized enterprises go away.

   Small and medium-sized enterprises should have their own marketing thinkings, under the low cost and high yield to find suitable marketing.

   This method is packaging in the terminal promotion.

   Terminal promotion is essential for normal market behavior to face, is also the most direct and effective marketing means of the link. In the concept of the traditional 4P marketing ways: select a product (Product), pricing strategy(Price), sales channel (Place), promotion activities (Promotion) are complementary and increase efficiency. Now, terminal marketing theory marks its fifth P - packaging (Package), the most conventional concept was put forward and got more and enough attention.

   World famous chemical enterprises --- DuPont, its marketing analysis experts after careful market research, put forward the famous DuPont Law, that is, 63% of consumers is based on the packaging of goods to make purchase decision. In the supermarket to buy, for example, people attracted to exquisite packaging, purchased goods are usually more than 45% of the planned quantity. Therefore, packaging as "first impression" of goods, will be the most direct and powerful projection to the consumer, drives the psychological balance in the process of purchasing.

   Compared with other marketing methods, packaging is the first cost must have, i.e. whether enterprise to carry on the market, must pay this part of the investment, then in view of its influence on final consumer groups, packaging is the most effective marketing advertising. For small and medium-sized enterprises, especially FMCG companies, packaging must be seriously treated.

   Traditional festivals of China have always been fast consumable enterprise’s profit, since October long holiday and festival, started the intensive distribution, as the packaging effect of small investment, boulder increases sales and brand value of big returns, is the the best choice for small and medium-sized enterprises timely occasion.

   After confirmed the packaging as a marketing tool, to be clear how to do packaging effectively.

   Modern packaging is no longer confined to containers of goods, undertake the functions of sales promotion in its modeling structure, graphic design, and AD copy, etc., all need professional planning designs.

   A case of a successful packaging must meet the following three basic characteristics, namely accurate, appropriate image and personality differences.

   Sign to the goods, as the name to the individual. Goods without logo, or no good sign, that is, as a man does not have a name or names too dull, difficult to leave impression on a person. If such goods at that time, is no longer, is only a flash in the pan, does not have long market life. A good logo goods, not only symbol or a combination of graphics, and should be accurate embodiment of commodity value and brand connotation. For fast elimination type small and medium-sized enterprises, accurate symbol not only disseminate significance, but can bear direct sales, such as for a sign of festival mascot, often have unexpected effects for festival promotion.

   And the focus of the packaging image is targeted adjust measures to local conditions, to commercial product positioning, pricing strategy, consumer segmentation strategy need to grasp the whole way, and through the packaging. That is high positioning, high quality, high price products must cooperate with highly attractive packaging, can make consumers have good imagination, through the packaging of goods. And features of of the fast consumer goods, such as to ensure goods and brand connotation in the premise of its continuity, cooperate with the annual festival of festival gifts, sales play a very good role in promoting.

   Individual difference is the key of the commodity packaging, is also the difficulty. Excellent commodity packaging must be not only in accordance with the basic characteristics of the category, but also need to be breaking, to distinguish it from competing goods.

   Under the market economy environment, the commodity competition is already from its product nature, rise to the level of brand value, so is commodity packaging. Please consider the following situations:

   Product nature is similar in the two products --- A and B, the former will put large budget into advertising, while ignoring the packaging effect, only with mediocre even just slightly rough packing available; While the product B will be limited budget in the planning and design the packaging and and cooperate with the festival launched exquisite fashion festival, let market products to consumers. And to amaze the customers.

   Conclusion is not necessarily, expensive advertising for small companies , in advertising war will not stir much wind and waves. Vice, into effective packaging, can receive the unexpected effect and rewards. Financial crisis sweeping the global context, fast-moving consumer goods buying patterns have been from passive consumption into active consumption, most consumers are purchasing power to essential consumer goods. At this point, the active consumption of advertising effect will be affected; Whereas in terminal packaging attract more target consumers, the effect will be more direct.

   Eyeball economy, the concept of modern marketing, namely to attract the attention of consumers, and brand recognition for their goods, and further the consumer to buy. Packaging has a strong influence on consumers' purchase behavior, so enterprises must be able to use the marketing function of packaging, finish goods and the shaping of the brand. For small and medium-sized enterprises of marketing budget is limited, the packaging is not only the best weapon for terminal sales, is the most affordable window for brand, is the classic style in the interests of the small lever bring large ones.

   Good wine is not afraid of deep alley is long over of the days.

   Large and full-round marketing era also showed some signs of weak.

   Next, which era we want to walk into?

   We have reasons to believe that, after a regression, low input and high efficiency packaging era, is yet to come.

   Packaging is already out of the function of simple goods container, devoid of elegant shape meaning, evolve into the terminal marketing tool for carrying goods nature, optimization, the brand culture appeal and expression and so many functions in one. , and this method meets the requirements of modern enterprise marketing, and highly embody the characteristics of low cost marketing, is small and medium-sized enterprises, especially a must marketing strategy for fast consumption enterprises.