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Paper Packaging Design Theory of Cosmetic Products

2021-12-10 15:17:46


   As people's consumption level and consumption ability enhancement, the cosmetics market competition is becoming more and more intense. So, in order to better promote products, all kinds of cosmetics for the different suitable classifications and the packaging are becoming more and more important.

1, The present status of cosmetics packaging

    With the development of packaging materials and packaging technology, more and more modern cosmetics packaging forms, and decorations are more beautiful. In general, cosmetics packaging form mainly includes: solid cosmetics packaging, solid particles (powder) cosmetics packaging, liquid, emulsion and cream cosmetics packaging spray and cosmetics packaging. Among them, quite a number of packaging forms match the cartons together to form cosmetics sale packaging.

    As a kind of high quality and low price of green packaging, paper packaging is becoming a rapidly growing industry in the national economy. Packaging market no matter from the quantity or quality leaves much space for paper packaging development. Cosmetics as an important commodity is closely related to people's life, the paper also has more and more application in it. Go along with our country's entry into WTO, the rapid growth of export trade, fierce competition of domestic and international cosmetics brand has brought new opportunities for the further development of paper packaging.

2, Cosmetic paper packaging structure

   (1) Monomer carton packaging

   Two folding carton package type

    This carton model change along with the decoration design can highlight actual characteristics, usually used for packaging of color cosmetics design, such as: powdery cake, eye shadow box, cosmetic box and so on. The carton structure expansion plan, forming process and forming after appearance..

   Rectangular angle folding carton

    This box can be better suited to the characteristics of surface decoration design, printing leaflet or printed images can better play the role of propaganda built-in objects.

    Different varieties can be used in the packaging of cosmetics, such as: powdery cake,perfume, cream, etc. The carton structure expansion plan, forming process and forming after appearance.

   Bird type folding carton

    This is inspired by some foreign books and changed in packing information. Mainly used for packaging of all kinds of cosmetics, box structure expansion plan, forming process and forming after appearance.

   (2)Carton packaging

    Set packing can also be called portfolio. The same brand, the different function of whole series of cosmetics packaging, for consumers to buy, at the same time, make the whole price is lower than the total individual purchase price. Larger container, commonly used to pack the set, as a sales unit to overall sales.

   Cosmetic gift packaging box

    All kinds of cosmetics adopts complete set of gift box packaging, can improve the precious quality of goods and sales force. Combined with successful decoration design, enhance the visual impact. One of the typical folding carton, the structure of the frame can be designed according to the number of built-in objects and shapes flexible adjustment.

   Four group folding carton

    Structure of the collection of wholesale packaging box is mainly used in cosmetics. Can after decoration or increase the auxiliary structure as a complete set of gift packaging applications, under normal circumstances, the structure of box is fixed paste mounted type. Many changes in form, according to the requirements of the different structure, can be the carton sealing structure of the change, as far as possible to the carton design into a plate forming structure, discussed above is only a limited number of examples in application in cosmetics packaging, in addition to the appearance of the rectangle, used in cosmetics gift packaging of various special cartons also gradually emerged, there is no longer to detail.

3, The trend of the cosmetic packaging

    Throughout these situations of cosmetics packaging, cosmetics and its development trend of the packaging, modern cosmetics packaging on the choice of packaging materials and containers, packagings of structure design and packaging container decoration design, etc., mainly has the following features:

   (1) Plastic material and composite applications in cosmetics packaging range is more and more big, the modeling design of plastic bottles tend to diversification. The use of glass bottles is restricted.

   (2) The diversification of packaging container specifications (in order to meet the different consumption levels).

   (3) Cosmetics series of packaging design, and more and more adapted to the needs of the development of personalized.

   (4) Some cosmetics in the form of spray packing such as packing, to facilitate the use of consumers.

4, Cosmetics packaging strategy

    At present, China's high-end cosmetics market is mostly dominated by international brands, domestic Chinese brands can only struggle in the low-standard market. There are many reasons, but in the packaging design, flaws are obvious. International brand mostly formed their own traditions in the packaging design, shape and color, have formed a complete set of patterns, and our product design randomness is very big, product lack even the inertia. Appropriate commodity packaging not only can strengthen the visual impact to attract consumers, but also the grade of the brand can be reflected incisively and vividly. So packaging as the product of "appearance", should not only have the function of expression, protection, but also must be able to attract purchase, the use of guiding consumption.