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Nine Words to Improve Your Design

2021-12-29 16:19:12


  Designers must first to be good at thinking, their ideas and understandings, this is the most important. Don't worry about how"bad" the idea, no one can do all of a sudden, but you can do your habits and attitudes. Learn to grope boldly and try your new ideas, understand the reference, pursuit your own ideas. But if do not think of the design template and material, just with blind imitation and copying, it will destroy your creativity, nourish your inert, it can never progress, and progress that you want is also very difficult.


  1,Appreciating the works of others as many as possible, especially the outstanding works, train the ability of art appreciation, this is a must for raising the design level. See don't tour, need combined with professional knowledge while watching while thinking, carefully research the good of the works and learn from them. But someone will complain to don't have many design books, they need to spend much time to find design works and design knowledge on the Internet, and it's a waste of time and energy resources. Here I suggest you go the websites that designed for the unique professionals, this can save a lot of time and energy to improve the learning efficiency.

   2, Appreciate good works again and again to. To gain new insights through reviewing old material, design do the same here. Collect good works, and then look at then after a period, this can help you gain new thoughts and insights.

   3, Look your own works often. You will know whether your level is improved and at the same time you can gain more from this process.


   Repeatedly practice a lot. If you are lack of enough practice, even if there are enough design talent of you, you are still unable to improve the design level. Only constant practice, repeated practice, can rapidly improve the design ability. The more you do, the faster you improve. This is no shortcut, we must do it seriously. However, if the practice without thinking will only waste effort, like painting, not only should draw, but also should have brains.


   Check your own work to see if it can move yourself? Satisfied with your own work actually is not a good thing. Especially beginners are lack of enough understanding of design and capacity will often have "narcissism", too proud of your design, always thought your own design is perfect, there is no better, but don't know how bad your own design. On the contrary, when you really reach a certain height level, your design will have more objective and comprehensive understandings, also won't be easily satisfied with your own design. So learn to interrogate yourself, refer to people with an open mind, will go a lot less detours. When you are satisfied with the design, remember to interrogate yourself, really so good?

5, ASK

   Learn to communicate, if you do not understand, please ask. While most designers are not very outgoing, but know how to communicate with others is a course that every designer must master. Design should not behind closed doors, the designers not only need to communicate with customers, also need to communicate with colleagues and students, also need to use networks to communicate with other designers, of course, only good at communication, designers can better and faster to improve yourself.


  1, The designer must master the relevant professional theory knowledge, more professional theory knowledge can fill a vacancy. At the same time, more need to learn all kinds of knowledge. Have rich knowledge, the more "stuff" in your brain, they will probably involved in your design, your design will be vivid and full, rich connotation. So the design of the famous masters tend to be all-rounder, they are not only proficient in design, more proficient in many other areas.

  2, The designers need to understand to experience life/learn about the world. This requires actual investigation and experience. Or your design will be easier to escape away from life, lose appeal, because the design comes from life and serve life. Designers need to understand the world at the same time, to increase more knowledge, to keep the latest ideas. Doth an idea backwardness, the designer no matter how rich design experience, his work is always seems to be broken and vulgar. Of course, if you want to have rich knowledge and experience, you need to notice and accumulate actively at ordinary times in life.


   Designer is not an easy profession, need study hard, good designers are mostly "self-taught". If there is no time to take the initiative to go to self-improvement at ordinary times, that it is hard to improve your design level, and even not to advance but to go back. Therefore recommended that in the study or work, spend more time on the design, so as to improve the level of your design more quickly.


   Designer's moral quality will not only be reflected in every detail of life, but also into the designs, perhaps this is a deeper interpretation of "design is person". If a designer’s moral is narrow, then sooner or later this will kill off his artistic, block the road to his art, because art is extracted from the life, is the truth, kindness and pure beauty that people pursuit. Designers should have broad mind, can have broad design space and inspiration space, your design will go further and become an unobstructed road.


   Design can not succeed without a long time effort, only do for a long time, can have excellent design level and the valuable design experience. Since chose to be a professional designer, must be patient and try to do well. You will meet a lot of bitterness, tire, difficult setbacks, but don't quit and give up, without these, your ability to design how to grow, and your experience how to get? So all you need to do is to forget them, look forward, insist on confidently, you will one day be on a flat road, by that time, success just waves to you and smiles in front of you.