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Good Packaging Design Must Know Three Major Elements

2021-12-29 16:21:17


  Today, with the economic globalization, the packing has been integrated with the product. Packaging as a way to realize the commodity value and use value, in the field of production, circulation, sales and consumption, plays an extremely important role, is an important topic of the corporate world and the design field had to focus on. The function of packaging is to protect the goods, convey commodity information, easy to use, easy to transport, to promote sales. Packaging as a comprehensive subject, with goods and artistic combination duality. Successful packaging design must meet the following five points: shelf impression, readability, appearance design, trademark image, the function and characteristic descriptions .

   Packaging design, namely refers to choose appropriate packaging materials, use clever technology, for packaging to do goods container structure model and beautification decoration design. We can see the three constituent elements of packaging design.

Shape factors

   Shape factor is shown below in commodity packaging appearance, including the display size, size and shape. In daily life, we can see there are three forms, namely natural form, artificial form and occasional form. But when we study the shape of the product structure, must find a kind of form is applicable to any properties, namely draw out the common regular thing, called the abstract form.

  We know that the formations are shape elements, or calling the form elements, that is, in a certain way, principle of all kinds of changing forms. Form is constituted by the dot, line, face, body that several elements. Package main shapes: cylinder, cuboid, cone, and a variety of forms, and about the combination of form and because of the different cutting form various forms of packaging shape forming of novelty on consumers' visual guide which plays a very important role, unique visual form can give consumers leave deep impression. Packaging designers should be familiar with the characteristics of shape elements itself and its expression, and make this as a formal beauty of material performance.

  We are thinking about the appearance of packaging design elements, also must to know it from the perspective of aesthetic principles. According to the aesthetic principles of packaging design combined with the characteristics of the product function, combine various factors of organically and naturally, to achieve the perfect and unified design image.

  Packaging shape elements of the aesthetic principles mainly from the following eight aspects into consideration: the symmetry and balance, stable and lightweight laws, contrast and harmony, repetition and echo laws, laws of rhythm and rhyme, analogy and association rule, proportion and scale, unification and change laws.

Composition elements

  Composition is a complete picture with the arrangement of the trademark, packaging graphics, text and the combination. The four sorts of combination constitutes the overall effect of packaging decoration. Commodity composition elements of trademark design, the use of graphics, text,color to be right , proper, beautiful, can be called a good design work.

  1. The logo design

  2. The graphic design   

  3. The color design  

  4. The character design

Material elements

   Material elements refers to the materials texture of commodity packaging. It often affects the visual effect of commodity packaging. Using different material surface changes or surface shape can achieve the best effect of commodity packaging. Packing material, whether it is paper material, plastic materials, glass, metal materials, ceramic materials, bamboo and wood materials, and other composite materials, has a different quality of material texture effect. Use different materials, and combine properly, can give customers with novel, cold or luxurious feeling. Material elements is an important part of the packaging design, it is directly related to the function of the packaging and the way of economic cost, production processing and packaging waste recycling and other aspects of problems.