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How to do furniture packaging design?

2013-11-11 11:45:43


  Pay attention to recycling of packaging materials. Use the recycling, reuse and recycle packaging, improve the life cycle of packaging, so as to reduce packaging waste.

  Harmless of packaging materials. The European Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive specifies the levels of heavy metals (lead, mercury and chromium), such as lead content of less than 100 PPM. Our country should also be in the form of legislation regulation banning the use of or reduce the use of certain contain lead, mercury, tin and other harmful ingredients of packaging materials, and allow the content of heavy metals.

  The basic concepts of the furniture packaging and design problems


1, The concepts of packaging and furniture


1.1 The difference between the packaging and bale.
   (1) The bale (Packing): simple dressing items.
   (2) Packing (Packing): assign item wrapped further can advance sale of commodity attribute.

1.2 The different definitions of packaging all around the world   

  America: packaging is the use of appropriate materials, containers and technology, can make the products to reach the destination safely - in every stage of the product delivery process, no matter what happened can protect its contents, and shall not affect the value of the product.

  Japanese industrial standard specifications [JISZ1010 (1951) :] the so-called packaging (Packaging), refers to state of wrapped that during the transportation and storage, in order to protect the value and the original state, using the appropriate materials, containers and packaging technology.

  China: packaging for protection products in the process of circulation, convenient storage and transportation, promote sales, in a certain way to use containers, in the name of the general material and auxiliary material, etc.

  The above comprehensive concept shows: the main purpose of packaging is to protect goods, maintain value, it involves the choice of packaging materials, packaging, protective measures, packaging decoration, etc. Packaging is an independent industrial system, not Furniture Packing but Furniture Packaging. After furniture packaging , furniture should have a good sales performance. All furniture packaging needs should be considered.

1.3 The definition of furniture packaging design

  Furniture packaging design according to the aim and content requirements, refer to people's understanding of the packaging, can be defined as: the use of appropriate packaging materials and packaging technology. By using the principle of the design rules, aesthetics; Provide furniture product containers, and do packaging beautify for the creative idea, and draw or model to express the whole process. Furniture packaging design and product design is a kind of dialectical relations. For furniture products, in the process of production, storage, transportation and sales to provide appropriate protection and reflect personality, production enterprise culture of corporate culture and design. Furniture packaging design in the model of furniture products, specifications, materials, number, structure, process and the whole process of design.


2, The functions of furniture packaging


 Furniture packaging function has the following several aspects:
      (1)provide appropriate protection for furniture product.
      (2)provide brand service for the furniture product design, production, sales.
      (3)provide suitable information society services for furniture enterprise resource allocation information, products, generalization, production, sales and inventory.
      (4)provide services for furniture products customers.

2.1 The main function of furniture packaging is to provide moderate protection

  Furniture products from production to use takes a long time and space conversion process. All the process including furniture product storage, transportation, sales, and self-assembly several steps. The value of the furniture products only under good packaging design can avoid because of the humidity, temperature, mechanical collision and biological factors, etc. The negative impact of the change. When furniture to consumers this last ring, the model of furniture products, appearance, structure haven't dry, wet bilge, warping, mildew, coating fall off, the phenomenon such as marble or glass is broken, the value of the furniture is the final embodiment.

2.2 The important functions of furniture packaging is the brand services for the furniture product design, production, sales.

  To do OEM export-oriented furniture manufacturers, overseas companies will put forward very high requirements on the packaging. Packaging design, carton packaging design are sometimes provided by them; For the domestic furniture industry brand design, production and sales, in fact, a kind of strict limits. China is a big power of furniture production and sales. A good furniture packaging, the development of China's furniture industry will have more space.

  As the saying goes: "a good horse with good saddles", but a lot of furniture enterprises consider the particularity of furniture products, distributor has been packing foreign minister before consumers use unpacking, so tend to ignore the importance of packaging. Now we noticed the DIY furniture, KD furniture etc need excellent furniture packaging; Furniture company's corporate culture, service quality, product quality is also depend on the furniture packaging etc. Furniture packaging design is not only a packing design and beautification, it also includes the enterprise, product, logo design and technical processing and product manuals, after-sales service, the use of information and other details. In short, for furniture manufacturer, brand furniture packaging business has provided a broad stage. Can be calculated as the cost of production of furniture packaging cost, if the first-class furniture with third-rate packaging, can only have second-rate sales price, this product is difficult to give the user confidence.

2.3 The special function of furniture packaging is the adaptive resource allocation for the furniture enterprise information, generalization, production and sales of zero inventory of products such information society service.

       Of furniture packaging carton standard specification, surface decoration and the design of the sealing tape used.

  2.3.1 Sealing tape for furniture manufacturer resource allocation information provides a good data entry. Sealing tape use bar code processing technology; After packaging warehousing, the product name, model, specification and part number, color, material, the purpose of the cost of production, sales, production date products King Size/Queen Size can be unified into the parameters, such as EXCEL database and link bar, satisfy the business enterprise of the overall operation, market research, annual summary, container loading calculation and other needs.

  2.3.2 Carton standard specification can reduce the inventory of cartons. Different furniture products can use the same specifications of the carton. Such as: different wrought iron soft chair or solid wood dining chair products (DIY) structure, component model is different, but can consider the packing carton size consistency; At present many furniture manufacturers directly print product modeling in carton, this will limit the general packaging carton.

  2.3.3 For similar parts, such as bed nets, wrought iron bed can consider the general packaging. Such as bed nets and steel pipe bed mother general parts according to the specifications used alone outside the box, other parts of different suite furniture to different product number; Need to form a complete set of products, the suite other parts and general parts (pack) with the same bar code cover into the Treasury.

  The technical processing of furniture packaging can reduce capital turnover time, make the enterprise production to meet the requirements of information society.

2.4 The ultimate goal of furniture packaging is services for furniture products customers.

  When people are talking about furniture design, favorite slogan is "humanism", "green design". And furniture products especially DIY furniture and KD furniture, have a good furniture packaging can truly achieve service for consumers.

     A good furniture package includes the following several benefit consumers use aspects:

     (1)A prominent spot hardware accessories, accessories should be more not less.
     (2)The assembly diagram is clear, the assembly step is concise and easy to understand, be introduction in English.
     (3)Parts in assembly order, easy to know,
     (4)The matters needing attention in using are detailed, such as material, process, structure and design in both Chinese and English.
     (5)There is a clear content of after sale service and the consumer rights and interests.


3, The contents of the furniture packaging design


 Furniture packaging design includes the following contents:
     (1)Choose the right parts assembly process, draw the assembly diagram.
     (2)Select the appropriate components collocation,
     (3)Determine the location of parts of the same packing and the fixed forms.
     (4)Choose the appropriate packaging materials, to determine the use of packaging materials specifications, packaging material list.
     (5)Disassembling schematic drawing products, parts annotations.
     (6)Product manuals.
     (7)Draw the stacking diagram.
     (8)The bar code information.
     (9)Outside the box shape design, the said design, sign design.
     (10)In both Chinese and English translation.

3.1 Considering the right parts assembly process.

  If the nail gun to shoot A process (A) glass panel and shoot A gun mechanical impact is difficult to avoid, the glass will flower or produce internal stress; If the process (B) processing, can avoid the bad effects. If you can, of course, in furniture product design based on the structure, appearance size in charge of revision process will be better.

3.2 The right parts

  Parts collocation should follow the following principles:
(1)Component relevance principle, only parts have the correlation, to facilitate customers to use. Such as the parts of the screen sharing a suite head outside the box. (if a certain parts of the head panel and makeup stool common packing, is not suitable for packing).
(2) Space using minimization principle. For do CIF production enterprises or distributor, with the lowest cost of transportation that most of the products is their pursuit of the eternal. In analog packaging process must be repeated to compare the size of the packaging cost space, choose the smallest packing condition. For DIY furniture and KD furniture, product design must also be asked to provide the best packaging design, the mounting structure and the mounting dimensions.

3.3 Determine the packing of each component in the right position and fixed form.

 Packing of each component in the determination of position and fixed form should be signed in the following respects:
     (1)The symmetry principle. Symmetry principle into account in the process of transportation, storage and sales all kinds of furniture unknown state, to ensure the stability of the packing box furniture products. At the same time for the guest room use and products provide a convenient on cognition.
     (2) The principle of stability. Determine the packing of parts determine their position and avoid in the process of circulation shift caused by mechanical collision to each other.
     (3) the principle of fixed structure does not damage the product aesthetic value. Fixed a bandage, plastic rope nail or cellophane tape on the paint film and structure should be no adverse effects. In considering the above principles, computer simulation and actual test technology can be used. As shown in figure, try to make a packing work platform.

3.4 Choose the appropriate packaging materials, packaging materials, the use of specifications, packaging material list.

 Here involves cost, packaging quality and other factors. In selecting packaging materials, packaging, packaging specification aspects to consider the following principles:
     (1)The principle of dialectical ideas; Packing material too much, too much will cause the waste of resources, increase the packing volume and weight ratio, also affect the beautiful sex after packaging; But the packing does not reach the designated position, will produce the packing accident, affect the quality of the product. So be dialectical idea, design again and again.
     (2)The greening design principles; For the choice of packaging materials, considering of the popular green design requirements, packaging material available can paste solution.
     (3)The principle of economic rationality. Here, including the selection of packaging materials, production process and the use of three production costs. Although the packaging cost included in the cost of production, consider for the consumer, also to the greatest possible economic rationalization, to improve the competitiveness of the products.
      (4) A single iron openwork leg of packaging, in the case of pearl cotton material can choose 1 mm, also can choose 3 mm pearl cotton, consideration of the practical need of protection film, considering transportation length factors, the process of doing the best screening; On the length of the cases, also to the reasonable design, besides considering the general case quantity shall be uniform production, its design and production should be expressed in drawings is limited; Process to use all kinds of packaging materials should also consider economic factors,
      (5) Can be used to compare pearl cotton in cost differences of loss.

3.5 The bar code information

  After each set of the content of the bar code size, with the production batch number, a complete set of product packing, quantity and other parameters by Excel form processing into a database. Through data link bar code and database content.

       In a word, furniture packaging has its uniqueness and importance. Furniture design and furniture products should integrate packaging design thinking, in guarantee the quality of the model of furniture products and, on the basis of considering the packing factor, make appropriate adjustment to the structure of furniture and dimension, so as to further perfect KD technology. Ascending to the attention of the furniture packaging design is conducive to the overall health development of China's furniture industry.