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Fast food packaging design

2022-02-15 17:03:07

The Importance of fast food packaging design in most cases that a company uses can have a significant impact on whether a product sells successfully. The most successful products incorporate elements of good design, environmentally friendly packaging for food and drink, and important information that helps consumers make good decisions.

Good fast food packaging design should protect food quality as well as enhances customer satisfaction by making it easier and neater to eat large, messy sandwiches. Furthermore, the design should be:

· Enhanced product quality and integrity

· Superior heat retention and moisture absorbency/loss ratio

· Sales building tool for drive-thru

· First in source reduction, environmentally responsible

· Unique and fun for consumers

· Cost-effective

Here we mainly introduce a fast food packaging design, pizza box packaging. Firstly we can search pizza box templates on Packmage CAD website, it classified the box templates according to their usages.

Look at the pizza box templates above, the structure is very simple and intuitive, but it considered the factors listed as follow:

1> Self-locking structure, this kind of box template structure can be transported unfolded to save cost and facilitate users use them at any time. Furthermore, those box templates is healthier to load fast food because it do not have to be glued.

2> The pizza box template has holes for ventilation to keep food fresh and it can be heated with micro-wave.

Once the pizza box template parameters has been modified according to requirements, we can check the blank sample in Packmage CAD 3D module.

The next step is the graphic design of the pizza box template, it requires a combination of skills. On one hand, professional designers need to know how to create designs that coordinate with the client's branding strategy. On the other hand, food package design must contain important information about the food's ingredients and nutrition.