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Notice of changes to the Packmage Business Automation box-type knife-line download function: In order to provide better service, at the request of most of the access providers, from September 15, 2019, all customers box-type knife download function to make the following adjustments: customers who have paid for the order can download the knife mold directly free of charge; Must contact the contact provider customer service, follow-up work by customer service to complete docking.

What's the process of Customization Service?

1) Contact customer service (or email) to determine if it can be customized.

2) After determining that the box type can be customized, buy the 'Customization Service' and notify the customer service.

3) Waiting for customer service confirmation, box type customization has been completed, and new box type ID is provided to you.

4) Use the purchase account to login to the software and activate the custom box type.