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cigarette box|cigarette packaging|cigarette packaging box design

cigarette box|cigarette packaging|cigarette packaging box design
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  This is a flip-top box, often used in cigarette packaging design. In the packaging and printing industry, the packaging of cigarettes has been accounted for a big proportion. Cigarette packaging design from all over the world, in Europe and the developed areas, most of the cigarette packaging design are ferocious, its purpose is to highlight the dangers of tobacco. In some economical backward countries and regions, the packaging of cigarettes is concise, just reflect the fundamental protection function; In China, the packaging of cigarettes is varied, most  designs are beautiful and noble, especially high-grade cigarette packaging, appeared exalted.

Cigarette packaging design:
1 Appearance, cigarette packaging has samll box and long box two types. This box belongs to small box cigarette packaging.
2 Material, generally speaking, there are soft package and hard package. 85 g per square metre of coated material for soft package, 250 g per square meter of the paper is hard.
3 The main designs of cigarette packaging are color, fonts, bar code, hot stamping, concave and convex, and so on.
4 The design concept, market positioning, and consumers are clear.