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Double box, lock, concealed/flat buckle, window, hanging, hook, upper and lower pair tube box, color

Double box, lock, concealed/flat buckle, window, hanging, hook, upper and lower pair tube box, color
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Packaging box design features:
1 One piece of cardboard is folded and glued to the opposite sides to form a tubular box.
2 The upper and lower openings are the insert structure seals of the pressure wings.
3 Socket lock structure: the combination of insertion and lock port has better protection and is not easy to open itself.
4 Locking design between the cover of the plug-in lid and the dust flap.
5 The window design on the box body can be pasted with PVC film, and the contents can be visualized, which can display the product better.
6 Hanging board structure: there is no such structure on the side faces, and the hanging board has a hole to hang.

Advantages and usages of packaging box design:
1 The tube type packaging box must be designed to be convenient to let products in, and not to self-open, and protect the products.
2 This kind of packaging box structure is usually used for bottle packaging--- cosmetic packaging design.

Key points of cosmetic packaging design:
1 The packaging should be colorful, has a good texture with beautiful pictures.
2 The cosmetic packaging is usually folding carton, but also has packaging set structure.
3 The purpose is to make consumers believe that they can be elegant, beautiful and acctractive.
4 The functions of cosmetic packaging is to sell hopes.