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Cake Type display Stand,corrugated display stand, paper display stand, paper shelf, PDQ, paper sta

Cake Type display Stand,corrugated display stand, paper display stand, paper shelf, PDQ, paper sta
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 Closet Type display stand

  Corrugated display stand is a KIND of POP (Point of purchase) display stand, also known as corrugated board POP, is a new application attempt of paper packaging products to advertising media transformation, which has a direct impact on product sales. Paper shelves (paper display racks) as a marketing tool, with the development of POP advertising. It has the advantages of green, convenient transportation, rapid assembly and so on, placed in the sales place, can play a role in displaying goods, conveying information, promoting sales

The paper display stand has the following functions:

1, the appearance can be color printing, patterns, modeling can be based on customer requirements, free innovation design, good publicity effect, is a good advertising carrier.

2, the main structure can be based on the customer and load-bearing requirements, choose different paper combination, such as high-quality gray paper, corrugated pit paper, metal, wood, plastic and other materials, mixed into the production. 

3, the application of various activities product display, such as stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, exhibitions and so on. Advertising promotion, short-term promotion, economic and practical.

4, light weight, small size, can be spread flat, convenient suppliers from the place of shipment directly to the terminal point of sale, saving transportlogistics costs. Reuse to save the cost of repeated stacking.

5, green, cheap, widely used, such as food, clothing, sporting goods, IT products, daily necessities, automotive supplies, music, toys, books and other industries.

The main products have paper display racks, paper shelves, PDQ, paper piles, paper cards, paper crafts, Chevrolet display racks, acrylic display boxes and so on.


Paper display rack is actually a kind of advertising carrier of product stores, is all shopping places inside and outside (department stores, shopping malls, shopping malls, convenience stores) to do a form of product store advertising.

Paper is the material that explains the display stand, the paper material has been printed, expressively rich, so the paper exhibition stand is often used as a display rack. Paper display rackised on the counter to explain the price, origin, grade and other roles of the goods.

A small number of goods must be displayed on a paper display stand, but the purpose of displaying the goods is not to display the goods themselves, but to directly describe the content of the advertisement by the commodity, the goods on display are equivalent to the graphic elements on the display card.

Paper display frame according to the style can be divided into: floor-to-ceiling paper display frame, table-based paper display frame, hanging paper display stand, special-shaped paper display price and so on.

Suitable for paper display stand display of goods are jewelry, drugs, watches, pens, tobacco, alcohol, cosmetics and so on, said wear, paper display stand is used by manufacturers for product display on-site advertising of the merchandise display rack.