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small ornament packaging design|set-up packaging box design

small ornament packaging design|set-up packaging box design
Download die-line online: M005

 This is the inner box of a combined sleeve box.

compose type packaging design
1 In order to meet some special requirements, you can add a transparent plastic box to vault platform or all kinds of hinge, can also do pressing bump, bronzing processing.
2 Can add lid, compartment such structures, etc.
3 Compose type boxes are widely used in cosmetics, jewelry, candy and gifts sales. 

Small ornament packaging design
1 Small ornament in packaging design should consider whether have achieved accurate, express delivery and batch production.
2 Good for mannual rapid sealing.
3 According to the property of commodity, using value and consumer groups, select the appropriate packaging materials.
4 Reasonable box type structure proportion, rigorous structure, beautiful modeling, highlight box forms and materials.