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Gift packaging design|end-lock packaging design

Gift packaging design|end-lock packaging design
Download die-line online: K009X

 This is overlapping seal end box, with handhold top and Hymnes lock bottom(or called Gravity-fed). Formed by a corrugated paper board, without independent shake covers, but one piece upper and lower shake cover to seal the carton.

Packaging design features: 
1 A piece of cardboard after folding, glue the edges and make a tube box.
2 When using, need to hold out of the billet, sealing both shake covers, form cartons.
3 Because billet can be folded during transportation, transportation cost is low.
4 Due to curves along the height direction, so with good ability against high pressure. 
5 Top handhold structure can seal automatically, is a common packaging sale way, usually used for fruit and health care gift packaging boxes.
6 Bottom snap lock: also called bottom lock type packaging box. 

Gift packaging design.
1 Gift boxes not only are just beautiful, but also should be exquiste and good for transportation.
2 It is also convenient for manual glue.
3 According to the goods' value, choose the right packaging materials.
4 This packaging structure should be rational, beautiful. Attach more importance to the forms and textures. 

Key points of bottom lock structure:
1 Bottom bear the weight of the goods, also affected by pressure, vibration, drop, etc.
2 Design requires strength, simple design. Usually can use various faces with bolt combination locks, make strong sealing forming.
3 This kind of bottom lock type packaging structure is simple, beautiful, and economical. There is certain strength and tightness, is the most commonly used packaging structure in the packaging box with low cost. It is widely used in cosmetics, wine and food packaging design.
4 Add a tuck when the box body is too long.