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Gift packaging design, lid lock structure, fruit box, corrugated carton

Gift packaging design, lid lock structure, fruit box, corrugated carton
Download die-line online: J024B

  This is a carton structure deformation box type, box lid box bottom are overlapping lock structure, by a piece of corrugated cardboard molding, no independent separation of the upper and lower rocker cover, the body of the rocker can close the carton.

Box design features:
1 A sheet of cardboard is folded and bonded to the edges to form a tube box.
2 When used, it is necessary to hold open the box blank, seal up and down the lid, forming into a carton.
3 Because the billet can be folded for transport, the transport cost is low.
4 The strength of the resistance is higher because the corrugated direction is in the direction of the height.
5 The top and bottom have a lock design that opens itself and the carton can be used to store items.
6 Also add a hand-held design to use as a gift box.

Gift packaging design:
1 Gift packaging is designed to ensure a beautiful look, but also to consider the ability to achieve precision, express and mass production.
2 Facilitates manual fast sealing.
3 Choose the appropriate packaging material according to the properties of the product, the consumer group using the value box, etc.
4 To make the box structure proportion reasonable, strict structure, beautiful shape, focus on the box-shaped form and material class.