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packaging carton design|sealing carton

packaging carton design|sealing carton
Download die-line online: J005

This is a completely overlapping sealing cartons. It belongs to the international standard carton, type 02,box 0201. Formed by a corrugated paper board, without independent shake covers, but one piece upper and lower shake cover to seal the carton.

Packaging design features: unlike J004, this is more economic.
1 A piece of cardboard after folding, glue the edges and make a tube box.
2 When using, need to hold out of the billet, sealing both shake covers, form cartons.
3 Because billet can be folded during transportation, transportation cost is low.
4 Due to curves along the height direction, so with good ability against high pressure.
5 0201 is the flat carton, commonly die cutting with few leftover material, cardboard utilization rate is high, when sealing, without seam, so the application is widespread.

Packaging carton design features:
1 If not with big sizes, generally adopt the one piece type.
2 Carton packaging is one of the most used packaging structure on the market.
3 All cartons finally is basically a square or rectangle, so when do step and repeat will not waste paper, and save cost.