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Lock bottom File box|display box|exhibition commodity packaging design

Lock bottom File box|display box|exhibition commodity packaging design
Download die-line online: H004A

 This is a common display box, also called display box, commonly designed as corrugated paper. The display box is with inserting lock design, form a double-wall panels to against high pressure.

Display box structure design features:
1 This structure can be folded to form completely,can design lock,display window,handholds and display stander such atructures. 
2 Can see the inside products directly. 
3 The top is open, used for product exhibition. 
4 Double-wall board: box wall panel is not easy to damage, have a certain buffer performance.

Display box packaging design: in the field of retailers, display box(exhibition boxes) has become a more effective means for promotion. Modern retail shop is busy, most goods sales are chosen by the consumers themselves, without salespersons' selling.
1 Should be tailored according to the consumers, to make a variety of display box packagings.
2 General packaging materials as the corrugated carton.
3 Display vending shelves put near the checkout counter.  
4 On shelf life generally only three or four weeks, mainly used for toys, small handcrafts or snacks.