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express packaging design|self-lock tray

express packaging design|self-lock tray
Download die-line online: E043A

 This is a double end wall and double side wall self lock tray, belongs to the international standard carton, 0421 box of 04 box, consists of a piece of cardboard, bottom panels extend into body panel and lid panel,do not need to nail or glue,only need to fold and form.  

Packaging design features:
1 This structure can be folded to form completely,can design lock,display window,handholds and display stander such structures.
2 Single shake cover top with lock sealing end.
3 The side board has a lock tuck structure.
4 The side board has three-layer buffering structure.
5 Double tappered side structure, can be inserted with header card,at the bottom of the billboards, display boxes. Display box is a kind of packing box, namely through the packaging can see the products inside the box. All packagings for goods display are called the display box. Display box solved the separation of packaging and display problem.