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Lining, aircraft box, flip box, lined lid box, packaging carton design, keyboard packaging design,

Lining, aircraft box, flip box, lined lid box, packaging carton design, keyboard packaging design,
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This is a self-locking tray box with ear locks, dual front plates and bilateral plates that fold slender paper on the prototype of the aircraft case into a simple inner-tos structure to better protect the interior product. It consists of a piece of cardboard. The bottom plate of the box extends into the case body plate and the cover plate, does not need to be nailed or glued together, only folding can be formed.

Packaging design features:
1 Fullfold molding, can also be designed locks, display windows, hand or display frame and other structures.
2 two-ear lock, so that the box can be better sealed.
3 Top single rocker full height plug-in structure.
4 End side side plate with plug-in lock structure.5 The box body is connected to the inner toe and is simple and practical in structure.

Advantages and uses of box design: 

1 Life, many people also call this box is the aircraft box, the box on both sides of the three-layer plate, the front end for the double siding, forming a high pressure structure, good cushioning performance, often used as electronic accessories packaging, keyboard, mouse, USB stick, MP3 and so on.

2 Because of his high pressure resistance characteristics, suitable for transport, so is often used as express box, Taobao above the clothing packaging, online shopping and so on.

Packaging carton design applications: 

1 Processing is excellent, generally according to the specific needs of the internals, it is very convenient to cut, slot and other processing.

2 Easy to use, conducive to the collection of packaging, can save logistics and sales costs.

3 Just soft both protective: corrugated cartons with quite good anti-pressure strength and cushioning performance, special treatment can also fire and moisture, anti-static, preservation and so on.

4 conducive to promotion: E-type, F-type and other fine corrugated products, is a large number of replacement of the traditional cardboard paper box, has become the new favorite sales packaging and silent sales staff.

5 Low cost, corrugated packaging costs close to 80% is determined by the cost of paper. Paper packaging costs are the lowest, corrugated cartons can generally fold transport storage, the overall logistics costs are low.