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Flip Box,Packaging carton design, keyboard packaging design, color box card tray

Flip Box,Packaging carton design, keyboard packaging design, color box card tray
Download die-line online: E006A

  This box is similar to the aircraft box style inside the flip box, simple style. Consisting of a piece of cardboard from the bottom plate extended into a box plate and cover plate, no nailing or plywooding, just folding can be molded.

Packaging design features:
1 Fully folded and can also design structures such as locks, display windows, handles or display frames.
2 Double ear lock for better sealing of the box.
3 Top single-rock cover full height plug-in sealing structure.
4 The front end is a double wall panel, forming a high pressure structure, good cushioning performance, often used as electronic accessories packaging, keyboard, mouse, USB drive, MP3 and so on.
Packing carton design applications: 
1 processability is very good, generally according to the specific needs of the interior, very convenient for cutting, slotting and other processing.
2 Easy to use, conducive to packaging, can save logistics and sales costs.
3 Just soft protection: corrugated cartons have a fairly good pressure strength and cushioning performance, special treatment can also fire and moisture, anti-static, preservation and so on.
4 conducive to promotion: E-type, F-type and other fine corrugated products, is a large number of replacement for the traditional cardboard paper box, has become the new favorite of sales packaging and silent sales staff.
5 Low cost, corrugated packaging products cost nearly 80% is determined by the cost of paper. Paper packaging costs are the lowest, corrugated cartons can generally be folded transport storage, the overall logistics costs are low.