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Flip Box,Packaging carton design, keyboard packaging design, color box card tray

Flip Box,Packaging carton design, keyboard packaging design, color box card tray
Download die-line online: E005B

This is a double end wall and double side wall self locking end tray with ear lock, belongs to the international standard carton, 04 box, consists of a piece of cardboard, bottom panels extend into body panel and lid panel,do not need to nail or glue,only need to fold and form. 

Packaging design features:
1 This structure can be folded to form completely,can design lock,display window,handholds and display stander such atructures.
2 Can see the inside products directly.
3 The top is open, used for product exhibition.
4 The side board has a lock structure. 
5 Add a finger bit to the opening for easy opening.

The advantages and application of packaging design:
1 In daily life, many people also called this box airplane style box, on both sides have 3 layer board, front panel as double-wall panel, form the structure against high pressure, good buffer performance, is often used for electronic accessory packaging, keyboard, mouse, U disk, MP3, etc.
2 Due to the good anti high pressure characteristic, suitable for transportation, so often used as courier box on Taobao clothing packaging, online shopping, and so on.

Packaging carton design application:
1 Excellent machinability: generally, according to the particular requirements of built-in objects, very convenient for cutting, notching, such processing.
2 Easy to use: is advantageous to the container packing, can save costs of logistics and sales.
3 Hard and soft can be very protective: the corrugated carton is quite good at the high pressure and good buffer performance, after special processing can also be moisture-proof, anti-static, preservation, and so on.
4 For promotion: E type, F type and other fine corrugated products, are a large number of alternatives to traditional cardboard paper box, become the bestowed favor on newly and silent salesman of sales packaging.
5 Low cost: almost 80% corrugated packaging products cost is determined by the cost of paper. Corrugated carton paper packaging cost is the lowest, can be folded during transportation and storage, overall logistics cost is low.