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display packaging design,Small jewelry packaging design, photo frame packaging design, tray packagin

display packaging design,Small jewelry packaging design, photo frame packaging design, tray packagin
Download die-line online: D057

 This is a double-walled double-bottomed frame self-locking tray box with a wall width independent dimensions on the 4 sides that can be individually adjusted. The structure is generally drawer-style. The box body is tube molding, the lid is disc molding, and the 2 are independent.

Packaging design features:
1 Front and back double-wall panel has two-layer, the short panel with lock tuck tab, makes three-layer to against the high pressure.
2 The lid is located in the largest face of the folding carton,the height is relatively small.
3 Tray folding box is made up of a cardboard as the center, the other cardboard fold into the main box type at γn angle.
4 Corner closed by lock, glue or other methods.
5 Joints as locks.
6 Foot lock bottom structure, more solid. 

Frame type packaging design.
1 Box body has hollow structures, a hollow box body for packaging, frame in the middle of the space, as the integration of the transparent with painting,bottom panel can deposit pictures and photos.
2 Clever design, convenient opening, used to pack small gifts, or photos.
3 After opening, the built-in visual area is large, has good display effect, is advantageous for consumer to choose and buy, often used as gift boxes.
4 The packaging structure is a part of the compose type structure, drawer type structure. The box body for tube forming, the lid for tray molding.
5 This is a structure against high pressure,can be used for packing electronic components, or cell phone accessories, packaging box body divided by cato segmentation.

Display box packaging design: in the field of retailers, display box(exhibition boxes) has become a more effective means for promotion. Modern retail shop is busy, most goods sales are chosen by the consumers themselves, without salespersons' selling.
1 Should be tailored according to the consumers, to make a variety of display box packagings.
2 General packaging materials as the corrugated carton.
3 Display vending shelves put near the checkout counter.  
4 On shelf life generally only three or four weeks, mainly used for toys, small handcrafts or snacks.