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shoe box packaging design|telescoping tray|packaging box design

shoe box packaging design|telescoping tray|packaging box design
Download die-line online: D005

This is a six corner style, one piece telescoping tray. Tray is a basic box type fo folding carton.

Features of packaging box design:
1 The lip cover is on the main face, so the height is relatively small.
2 Tray folding carton is make one board in the middle and fold at γn angle.
3 The corner is sealed or glued by lock.
4 This structure is glued by the joints of the front and the back.  

Packaging design advantages and usages:
1 After opening, the visible face is very large and can have a good display, have good effects on promotions. This structure is usually used for making shoe box.
2 This packaging structure is the body extension that made the box lid. There are many differences between the tube folding box. The main changes is the body.

Shoe box packaging design instructions:
1 Must give considerations to the transportation,storage,moving,environment-friendly,decoration and reuse.
2 The most used structures are shake cover type or set-up cover structure, the most popular shoe packaging is the Li Ning shoe packaging.Material is cowhide corrugated paper with low lightness green, colors are red, yellow, blue, etc. Using classic six-sided shape box, convenient for transportation, a stable color.
3 Shake cover box: shake cover box structure is the most simple, is also the most common and practical box, box body, lifted the lid and with completed by a piece of paper, because it has good structure and is widely used in all kinds of products. Shake cover box body is basically a rectangle or square, has the most appropriate economic principles. Shake cover box has many styles, can be divided into rectangle box cover box, flat body wave cover, prevent play cover box, multilateral body wave cover box, partition shake cover box, etc.