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Tiandi cover card box, underwear packaging design, display box packaging design, folding box, sky bo

Tiandi cover card box, underwear packaging design, display box packaging design, folding box, sky bo
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  The cover refers to the style of a box. The lid of the carton is "day" and the bottom is "ground", so it is called the cover of heaven and earth. Tiandi cover is also known as tiandi box, is widely used in all kinds of hardcover gift boxes, shoe boxes, underwear boxes, shirt boxes, mobile phone boxes and other types of boxes.

Features of packaging box design:
1 The lip cover is on the main face, so the height is relatively small.
2 Tray folding carton is make one board in the middle and fold at γn angle.
3 The corner is sealed or glued by lock. 
4 This structure is glued by the joints.
5 Can design lock, display window, handler, or reveal frame structure.
6 The main characteristics of this kind of packaging box: double walled design can protect the products very well. 

Packaging design advantages and usages:
1 After opening, the visible face is very large and can have a good display, have good effects on promotions. This structure is usually used for making shoe box.
2 This packaging structure is the body extension that made the box lid. It is also called telescope-type carton,it is made of two seperate parts. 
3 This kind of structure is widely used in exhibition goods by supermarkets.
4 It is suitable for hard loading products or high-piled products. 

Display box packaging design: in the field of retailers, display box(exhibition boxes) has become a more effective means for promotion. Modern retail shop is busy, most goods sales are chosen by the consumers themselves, without salespersons' selling.
1 Should be tailored according to the consumers, to make a variety of display box packagings.
2 General packaging materials as the corrugated carton.
3 Display vending shelves put near the checkout counter. 
4 This packaging is usually used for small ornament packaging design, underwear packaging, tie packaging design.