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electronic packaging design,automatic-lock structure packaging design

electronic packaging design,automatic-lock structure packaging design
Download die-line online: C017A

 This is a very commonly-used box type with friction tuck tab and Hymnes lock bottom(Hymnes lock is also called Gravity-fed). For this box template, there are three tuck structures in the box template library of Packmage CAD, And there are also two offset ways of the dustflaps.

Features of packaging box design:
1 One paper after folding, and glue and seal the sides, make a tube type box.
2 The upper and down openging can seal the tuck structure of the reverse tuck.
3 Tuck lock structure: the tuck and the lock combined together can be very protective and not easy to open.
4 The automatic lock bottom is improved on the basis of the bottom lock structure. Saving many processes and time, is good for aotomatic producing.

Advantages and suages of packaging box design:
1 The tube structure must let the products in easily and not open automatically at the same time. This strcuture can be very protective.
2 This structure usually used for bottle products, such as cosmetic packaging.

Key points of bottom-lock packaging sructure design:
1 The box bottom must bear the weight of the inside goods, and also bear moves, pressures.
2 The design should be strong, simple. So, usually use the locks to protect the goods inside.
3 This kind of lock structure is simple, beautiful and economic. And it is the most commonly used structure in packaging. The cost is low. It is widely used in cosmetic packaging design, wine packaging design and food packaging design. 

Key points of electronic product packaging design:
1 Attach more importance to the protective structure during transportation.
2 Assemble different parts of the product can reflect the value of every part.
3 Packaging container material is often hard.
4 Packaging images are often pictures.