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Milk Carton Packaging,Beverage packaging design

Milk Carton Packaging,Beverage packaging design
Download die-line online: B063

 The packaging of boxed milk is a six-layer composite paper package consisting of paper, aluminum and plastic.

This packaging is also known as tetrabox. It's a classic of moderate packaging. At the "Simple Classics" exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in September 2004, Tetra Pak was hailed as a modestly packaged masterpiece "inspired by design and made life simpler, easier and safer". Small Tetra Pak bag, a lot of technology and wisdom, simple and not luxurious, to life has brought about no small changes.

It is effective in blocking air and light, which are the killers that can easily spoil milk and drink. As a result, small Tetra Pak packaging makes milk and beverage consumption more convenient and safe, and has a longer shelf life, achieving higher packaging efficiency.

Easy to transport, and a study of German paper-packaging manufacturers found that they have a 78 per cent less climate impact than glass bottles. And 75 percent of their ingredients are paper, and only about 20 percent are plastic.