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Packaging Color Box Design

Packaging Color Box Design
Download die-line online: B056

Paper-jam tube extension box type, tongue molding, latch locking port, hook box, stationery daily necessities packaging structure design

Packaging structure design features:
1 A sheet of cardboard is folded and inserted into the structure with no glue.
2 The bottom is the tab structure back cover, easy to fold, suitable for automated production, top opening design.
3 Insertion structure: basically overcomes the defect of the box's easy self-opening, and locks the design between the cover of the plug-in lid and the dust-proof flap.

The advantages and uses of the packaging structure:
1 The tubular structure must be easy to load and self-opening, and provide protection.
2 This box structure is commonly used in bottled products, such as cosmetic packaging.
3 Suitable for display packaging, suitable for transport packaging.