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bottom-lock packaging design|packaging structure design

bottom-lock packaging design|packaging structure design
Download die-line online: A032A

 This is a tubular box with friction inserts on the top and spring lock/side pressure lock (or HOUGHLAND, Hughland type) on the bottom, the top of the box template has three kinds of tongue structure, and the dust wing has a single and double knife 2 ways. The adhesive position on the side is different from other cassette types that require glue bonding, and the side edge is in the form of a snap, which is organized before loading the product without glue assistance.

Packaging structure design features:
1 A piece of cardboard is folded and the side snaps in, eliminating the need for glue to stick to the box, forming a tubular box.
2 The upper and lower openings are the insert structure seals of the compression wings.
3 Insertion structure: Basically overcome the defect that the lid is easy to open itself, and the locking design is carried out between the cover plate of the plug-in lid and the dust-proof placket.
4 Bottom spring lock: commonly known as lock bottom packaging box.

Advantages and suages of packaging box design:
1 The tube structure must let the products in easily and not open automatically at the same tiem. This strcuture can be very protective.
2 This structure usually used for bottle products, such as cosmetic packaging.
3 Add a half-circled knife to the opening, and the finger position will be easy to open the box.

Key points of end-lock packaging sructure design:
1 The box end must bear the weight of the inside goods, and also bear moves, pressures.
2 The design should be strong, simple. So, usually use the locks to protect the goods inside.
3 This kind of lock structure is simple, beautiful and economic. And it is the most commonly used structure in packaging. The cost is low. It is widely used in cosmetic packaging design, wine packaging design and food packaging design.