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promotion product packaging design|packaging structure design

promotion product packaging design|packaging structure design
Download die-line online: A017

This is an airplane style straight tuck with interlocking dustflap and top covers. The upper and the lower tucks are the extensions of the same panel. This is a special structure with wall board which has a tuck makes two cover structure.

Features of packaging stucture design:
1 One paper after folding, and glue and seal the sides, make a tube type box.
2 The upper and down openging can seal the tuck structure of the reverse tuck.
3 Tuck lock structure: the tuck and the lock combined together can be very protective and not easy to open.
4 Two cover structure: the outside has a layer. When open it can show texts and pictures.

Advantages and suages of packaging structure design:
1 The tube structure can let the products in easily and make the box not open easily. And it can be very protective.
2 This box structure uauslly used for bottle products.
3 This box structure can be also used for promotion products.

Key points of promotion product packaging design:
1 The purpose is to communicate and promote the products.
2 Children like the unique and interesting images, so think like a child.
3 The design and structure must be new and funny, the images must be vivid and interesting.
4 The color must be colorful, and use cold and warm colors more.