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0208 box|international standard corrugated carton

0208 box|international standard corrugated carton
Download die-line online: 0208

This is the international standard corrugated carton box. 0208 type is a single sealing carton, without upper shake cover, joint sealing can adopt manual or automatic way.

International standard corrugated carton has two kinds: one kind is approved by the International Association of Corrugated Board (International Corrugated Case Association, ICCA), made by the European Federation of Corrugated Carton Manufacturers and Europe Homogenous Board Organization (European Solid Board, Organization, ESBO), named “International currugated box standards”, contains relatively complete box types. Another kind is the own formulation of national standards by Japan and the United States. The international association of corrugated cardboard box text name (Description) using 4 ~ 8 digits code. The former two is box type, latter two is the serial number.

In general, use the standard box type.However, different manufacturers may according to the need, do some improvements and produce a kind of new structure based on the standard type, with a suffix to annotate, 0201-2, for example, a retrofit type of 0201 carton.

02 Box: It is the most common slotted carton (slotted -type boxes)
1 Made by a corrugated paper board, both shake covers without independent separation, conjoined shake cover can seal carton.
2 Generally, die cut box need to use a pin, glue or tape to joint.
3 When using, need to hold out the billet, seal the upper and the lower shake covers, make the carton.
4 Four carton forming ways: manual (M), automatic(A), manual or automatic(M/A), semi-automatic and manual (M + A).
5 Because box billet can do folding during transportation, transportation cost is low. Because the corrugated wall along the height direction, with good ability against the high pressure.